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Venture Labs has been manufacturing products for the cleaning industry for 18 years, throughout that time we have been using these products and the services that accompany them to save our customers large amounts of energy by simply changing the way they keep their facilities and their reusable laundry and kitchen wares clean.

The simplicity of our product lines and systems are a win-win for both us and the customer. They receive a higher quality end result, while saving huge amounts of energy.

We have a full line of both liquid and powdered products for commercial and industrial applications.

Venture Labs is committed to saving energy for the future. We do this by using modern, high quality products to achieve simple solutions. Our laundry products have stood the test of time, and are 100% guaranteed. Ask us for a few references, and they will tell you about the exceptional quality that they receive. We provide our customers with the ideas and resources that make their facilities more efficient, and thereby more cost-efficient. Through the implementation of our systems, our customers learn how to reduce energy consumption in their on premise laundry facility's by as much as 50%. You also learn how to increase production and get a more CONSISTENT HIGH QUALITY RESULT. How do we do it?

Using modern chemistry to make laundry the simple process that it is supposed to be. In most applications we reduce or eliminate the use of alkali and the results speak for themselves.

Using current technology to track linen and product usage by installing specialized BETA™ dispensing equipment and software that makes it simple.

Using past experience to implement our technology for you. Our founder has used his 40 years of key chemistry experience to design and perfect our systems. We guarantee our products and service.

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